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Weekly programs at IMAN Cultual Center

Welcome to IMAN ...
The IMAN Cultural Center serves as a wonderful bridge between our glorious past and a future full of hope, an abode full of love and affection. It is a warm and friendly institution brimming with joy, education and prayers for adults as well as children and youth. The IMAN Cultural Center is a non-political, non-profit, independent, 501(c)(3) organization, established to create and promote cooperation and affiliation within the Iranian and Muslim Community along with people of all races and religions. IMAN provides an important forum for sustaining and enhancing the cultural and spiritual identity of all such people.

The new IMAN.org is the gateway to IMAN via the world wide web. Here you can find information on the many events and services at IMAN. Also, you can search variety of groups, find the time to pray, verse yourself on the many facets of the Iranian culture and the Muslim religion and become part of the IMAN family. We welcome you and hope you have a enjoyable time as you surf IMAN.org. As always, we appreciate your opinion and suggestions dropping us a line via info @ iman.org.

Email info@iman.org or call (310)-202-8181 for the latest list of events.
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I would shake the dust from my coat, and rise. If I realized my own perfection. I would rush to the sky, empty and light; My head would be high as the ninth heaven.
Rumi (1925-Shams)
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