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Welcome to IMAN

The IMAN Cultural Center serves as a wonderful bridge between our glorious past and a future full of hope, an abode full of love and affection. It is a warm and friendly institution brimming with joy, education and prayers for adults as well as children and youth. The IMAN Cultural Center is a non-political, non-profit, independent organization, established to create and promote cooperation and affifiliation within the Iranian and Muslim Community along with people of all races and religions. IMAN provides an important forum for sustaining and enhancing the cultural and spiritual identity of all such people.

Children and youth receive introductory education in Islamic studies, Persian language, civilization and traditions. Exercising considerable effort on a daily basis, IMAN's experienced teachers continuously familiarize children and the youth with the sweet language of Farsi which is the mother-tongue of Iran. The Recreational, Social, Cultural and Religious programs of IMAN prepare our children for a promising future. With Better knowledge and understanding of their national, cultural and religious identity, our youth are better prepared to achieve success in this society.



For those who have a thirst for learning the facts of life and truth, an array of adult programs are available. Speeches and seminars on Islamic history, Iran’s history, literature, arts, crafts, as well as social affairs, IMAN truly serves as a thirst-quenching fountain! Every Sunday evening renowned speakers, researchers and specialists give speeches on a variety of subjects of interest to the community.

The Iran Hall

The Iran Hall serves as a place of gathering, conferences, seminars and speeches for honoring of Iran's achievements in the past. A luminous civilization that presented the principle of freedom of religion and human rights to the world which in the 6th century B.C. Charter proclaimed by Cyrus the Great, created the first postal system, and opened the biggest university of medicine and science, more than a thousand years ago.

More about IMAN


Email info@iman.org or call (310)-202-8181 for the latest list of events.
Calendar of events
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