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The IMAN Library is a center for the study of various religions, especially the Abrahamic religions. Since the purpose of the Cultural Foundation of Faith, in accordance with the provisions of its constitution, is to enhance the national and religious identity of the Iranian community, the faith library is committed to its preservation.

The Library of Faith includes Nafisi collections on religious, historical, mystical, and Iranian and Islamic scholarly works. Arabic Language English Persian English Religious Books Library includes a variety of different Qurans with Persian and English translations, and a variety of interpretations of the great Islamic scholars such as Al-Mizan (Allameh Tabatabai), Assembly Al-Bayan, Discovery of the Lazarus, the interpretation of Razi and Tabari.

In the field of literature and mysticism, the Divan of Hafiz, Sa’di, Masnavi, the Divan, Shams, Attar and more are the works of early and contemporary poets. Also, in the context of historical issues, the history of civilization, the history of Tabari, the history of Iran, the history of Islam, social and political history, and other historical books, a variety of dictionaries including Dehkhoda, a definite, are available for study in the library.