The IMAN Cultural Center is a non-political, non-profit, and independent organization, established to create and promote cooperation and affiliation within the Iranian and Muslim Community along with people of all races and religions.
Iranian Muslim immigrant community needed a suitable place for social gatherings, meetings and religious ceremonies. The founders of the Iman Foundation came together to meet this need and with generous help of a number of believers and patriots, established this place.

IMAN Mission

Promote Iranian Culture and heritage, and fostering Islamic values by providing cultural, educational, religious and social services.

The IMAN serves as a wonderful bridge between our glorious past and a future full of hope, an abode full of love and affection. It is a warm and friendly institution brimming with joy, education, and prayers for adults as well as children and youth.

By establishing variety of classes such as Persian language for children, Rumi's mystical, Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, is trying to maintain the history of Iranian literature. Moreover, by holding celebrations such as Yalda night, Syrian Wednesday and ancient Nowruz celebration IMAN is honoring the ancient traditions of our land, Iran. From the greatness and glory of our Aryan country of Iran, IMAN has tried to establish the national and patriotic identity of dear children and youth and Iranian newcomers and to acquaint them with the rich and prolific culture and proud history of our country.